Welcome PRO Win Members

Hi everyone.  My name is Liz Houghton and, I'm the new Membership Committee Team Leader for PRO Win.  

 I believe - and hope you agree - it would be a good idea to collect information from everyone about their business, and store/display it somewhere so we can all access it when we're looking for a particular service and support each other.  

We are a networking group afterall!!!

So,  I have added this temporary page to the back of my business website as an easy way to collect the information

from all of you if you would like to add a few lines about your business. 

This HUB will give us an opportunity to support each other's business - or provide referrals to each other - just by going to our PRO Win Business HUB website --- or however we decide to do it.

If you want to be a part of the "PRO Win Business HUB" please supply the information below.  Hopefully there is enough space for your "elevator pitch" too.

If you have any questions / comments / or just want to tell me I'm crazy my cell is 470-235-0305 and the email is [email protected] 

The Business HUB - PRO Win Members Only

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